Wednesday, December 16

Mayon Volcano is acting up again

she's gorgeous... but deadly

The most beautiful volcano in the world (perfect cone, dude!) is at it again, spewing lava left and right--causing the mandatory evacuation of people residing within the 6 km permanent danger zone set by the volcanologists. I feel so sorry for the thousands of people who needed to leave and probably will have to spend Christmas away from home in evacuation centers.

and spewing ash...
It's tough to have this happen a week before Christmas but making sure no one dies due to this calamity is of the utmost importance. I've gone through one volcanic eruption of the Mayon Volcano when I was in college in Legazpi City and it wasn't pretty. Being young and stupid then though, I remember my friends and I were quite pleased because classes were suspended for several days. We drove as near to the volcano as we were allowed to, to do some rubbernecking. Hmmm... college kids... But seriously, I pray that everybody over there will stay safe.

Update: Good news: Mayon folk head home; alert level lowered to 3

***pics are taken by me


Dori and Auj 16:25  

I wish everyone in Bicol a safe Christmas too. I hope the Mayon Volcano would cooperate an let everyone at least experience first the peace and joy that holidays has for all of us.

We have relatives in Bicol as well.

Lynn 18:58  

Let's pray and hope for the best. I hope your relatives are safe too Dori and Auj.

MERLY,  07:00  


rjs mama 22:02  

i'm from albay also :)

have been meeting lots of fellow bicolano's in the blogosphere :)

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why so happy?

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