Wednesday, January 27

So long, Panda.

you did good...

My mother just informed me that our dog Panda has died. She found him in his usual place near the doorway, lifeless. He was her faithful protector and friend for more than five years. Panda was my dog first though... My cousin Tox' wife Jenny gave him to me when he was a puppy because she was concerned that her newborn baby girl might get hurt since he was so rambunctious... he looked so adorable I immediately relented and took him home not thinking that I could not possibly take care of a puppy with my hectic hospital schedule.

So I asked my niece Girlie(who was about to leave for New Zealand)to take him home to my mother in Bicol... fooled by his cuteness, she readily agreed. Girlie would later tell me that he was such a pain in the 10-hour drive ( barking, crying, pooping), it was the worse trip she's ever had! Anyway, so Panda became my mother's dog that way. She's convinced that he's the epitome of an alpha dog--the other dogs, puppies and cats followed his lead. He chased away chickens and wannabe thieves from the farm and barked at anyone who got too close to our driveway.

My Mama is still baffled why he just suddenly died on her like that. But she was thankful to have had such a good, fiercely loyal companion... what she will miss the most was his gamboling around by her side in her backyard "farm". It's always sad to lose a much-loved pet... but such is life. We're all just here for a little while... so we should try to make each day count. Good Lord, I'm feeling melancholy...

*** pic courtesy of Girlie


Jane,  16:44  

So sorry Lynn. He was very cute pa naman. It's true that we're all here for a time lang. Hay...

Anonymous,  00:14  

I'm so sorry for you and your mom.

Lynn 01:08  

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

Balbs 07:45  

Hi Lynn,

thanks so much for visiting my blog. i just logged in tonight at ngayon ko lang nabasa. by the way, i like your writing style.

I'm so sorry about your pet. Nakakalungkot talaga pag may nawawala tayong mga alaga. isa kasi sila sa source of joy para sa karamihan ng mga tao.

Lynn 13:17  

Thanks Balbs, found you through Dori and Auj...

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