Thursday, October 29

Why, oh why do we do this to ourselves?

I don't know what's gotten into me. I waited until the end of the registration period to haul my butt to get registered to vote. Predictably, fellow Pinoys also showed up in full force. It took me 5 hours lining up at the hot, dark corridors of the COMELEC office on the 2nd floor of the Makati Central Fire Station. Hungry, thirsty, stinky... I mentally kicked myself so many times I swear I have marks from it.

Doing stuff at the last minute is part of our culture. It's sad but we have come to expect that. Even if we know it would be much easier for everyone involved to have this done months ago still we insist on showing up just so.

One blessing we have though is no matter how long the line is or how packed the place is... We still keep our sense of humor. It's like a boisterous family reunion, with people posing for pictures. Sharing a common bond brought about by waiting hours upon hours. It would have taken just minutes if we only managed our schedules better but hey it's very Pinoy. For better or worse.


Monday, October 26

Here goes...

My first blog post...Finally taken the plunge. I wish I could write something profound to mark this momentous occasion, lol. But let's save that for another day, huh? I'm blogging... yay! Found this pic of a cat wearing glasses. I think it's fitting considering the name of this blog. Thanks to whoever took this.  I wish I could put my glasses on my own cat but they don't allow pets in my building so... Anyway let's see how this blogging thing works out.

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