Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

So sad that I can't go home to the province for the 4-day holiday weekend. I had to work! Luckily, I found several Olay facial treatment masks in my drawer and had my cousin Ima (who I wheedled into cleaning my apartment and ironing my clothes) take this scaaary picture of me.

Now I feel a bit better, being somewhat in the Halloween spirit.


Thursday, October 6

RIP Steve Jobs

creative genius...
 I'm really sad that Steve Jobs lost his years-long battle with pancreatic cancer. I am a late-blooming Apple fan. I was a loyal Palm handheld user for many years and was perfectly content with my Palm Zires. I've had maybe five successive models of the Zire since college! So predictable. I didn't quite understand my older sister's obsession with Apple products then.

But a few years ago, I finally succumbed and bought an iPod Touch and immediately fell in love. It was such a shock to go from the bulky Palm PDA to this thin, smooth and snazzy media player, personal digital assistant, game console, e-book reader etc. Now I couldn't imagine leaving home without it.

just the beginning...
Thanks to Steve Jobs, we can enjoy tech gadgets that are functional but also works of art. Not only that, his co-founding Pixar in my opinion, was the best he ever did. I just love Pixar! I watched every movie they ever made and they were all great (Ok, Cars 2 was merely good, but whatever). RIP Steve, thanks for everything!


Saturday, August 27

About James Soriano and Pointing Out the Obvious

English signs in the mountains... hmm
This Manila Bulletin article by James Soriano has created a firestorm. Some say it's arrogant, offensive and not at all appropriate for August, our "Buwan ng Wika". Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with what Mr. Soriano wrote. He's just sharing about his experience and opinion about our two official languages.

We need to accept the fact that if you want to get ahead in this country, you have to at least be able to speak good English. It's the language of higher education, government, business and law. There's no getting away from it and it's counterproductive to yell at anyone who prefers English over Filipino. We can't help how we were raised and educated.

I have to admit I find it easier to read, speak and write in English--not that I'm elitist or anything--but because I grew up speaking Bicolano with English as my second language. Although I speak Tagalog very well,  it's still hard for me to appreciate Tagalog books, teleseryes, movies and sermons (I had to find an English-speaking church). But it doesn't mean I'm not a proud citizen of this country.

I'm sure the Filipino language will be just fine. I have two nieces who didn't learn Tagalog until they were in school (which is strange, sorry ate B) but they learned fast from their classmates. Filipino is here to stay and so is English and we just have to live with that.


Saturday, August 6

Birthday Week...

       Finally got to spend my birthday on the "happiest place on earth"... so tired, but it was worth it. I have some "birthday resolutions" I'm determined to follow through on--like writing on this blog more often. Thanks for still caring to spend time here. ;)


Saturday, April 9

Sunday Scripture Verse: Psalm 103:11-12

                   For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him;  as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. ~ Psalm 103:11-12 


Saturday, April 2

Boracay here we come...

I'm off to Boracay today with my girls. Paid far more than we should by doing this at the last minute but hey, we're all determined to enjoy ourselves.


Sunday Scripture Verse: 1 Corinthians 6:12

"Everything is permissible for me"-- but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible for me"-- but I will not be mastered by anything. ~ 1 Corinthians 6:12 (NIV)


Thursday, March 31

Hello again

back for good... ;)
Happy April Fools' day everybody! Kind of a weird date to show up after 8 months of silence, eh? I know I told you guys I'll only be gone for a "few weeks" but I guess time just got away from me. I've been really busy... with work, putting up a business, island-hopping, learning how to paint etc.

It made me feel really sad to let this blog die completely though, so here I am. Many thanks to my blogger friends who still visit--so sorry for the long absence guys. Thanks also to my new followers (I'm quite surprised to have gained followers even when I wasn't updating!).

I promise to do better this time. So that means you'll be reading about my (mis) adventures and opinions again... (cue the scary music).

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