Monday, July 22

PNoy's SONA...

I watched this year's State of the Nation Address (SONA) and I feel a sense of pride that I voted for the guy. I admit I only did in honor of what his late parents did for the Philippines, but from what I heard, this administration is turning out better than anyone expected.

I have not paid attention to PNoy's speeches the past two years but I like what I'm seeing. I see more roads under construction in my travels around the country so going by that, this president is doing his job.

There are still a lot of challenges of course, but I think we are in a better position than we were three years ago. Now if only the DOTC would get off their butts and quickly approve vital projects like connector roads, MRT & LRT lines etc. then PNoy's legacy will be cemented (pun intended).


Wednesday, July 10

Oh no...

I woke up annoyed at the incessant noise of what I thought must be a stuck ambulance near my window. Looked out and saw this instead.

A fire near Makati Med. I hope everyone's okay over there. 

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