Friday, March 30

Summer Rains and Flight Delays

It's turning out to be a weird summer for us in the Philippines. What with the unusual rains brought about by "La Niña" affecting travel plans etc. I had to go home to CamSur for my nephew Jian's High School graduation and getting there was challenging, to say the least.

My flight via Cebu Pacific that's supposed to leave at noon, left at 4:45pm instead! I arrived at the NAIA Terminal 3 at 10:30am so it was over 6 hours of waiting... The airline did not even give us water for our trouble, hmmph! Good thing I had my HP tablet and phone to keep me from going crazy.

And yeah, I also discovered Blogger has this blogging app for iPhones now so I can update this semi-abandoned blog while waiting for my flight to get called. I guess the hours of waiting was not a complete waste, huh?

Long story short, I'm still thankful my flight did not get cancelled due to the nasty weather & I still got to buy my nephew's laptop gift from his aunts (boy, kids these days are lucky!).

I hope I can figure out how to use this app properly though, so I can blog on the go & I can rant here more often. I wonder how this entry would look like when I hit "publish". Here we go...

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