Thursday, October 6

RIP Steve Jobs

creative genius...
 I'm really sad that Steve Jobs lost his years-long battle with pancreatic cancer. I am a late-blooming Apple fan. I was a loyal Palm handheld user for many years and was perfectly content with my Palm Zires. I've had maybe five successive models of the Zire since college! So predictable. I didn't quite understand my older sister's obsession with Apple products then.

But a few years ago, I finally succumbed and bought an iPod Touch and immediately fell in love. It was such a shock to go from the bulky Palm PDA to this thin, smooth and snazzy media player, personal digital assistant, game console, e-book reader etc. Now I couldn't imagine leaving home without it.

just the beginning...
Thanks to Steve Jobs, we can enjoy tech gadgets that are functional but also works of art. Not only that, his co-founding Pixar in my opinion, was the best he ever did. I just love Pixar! I watched every movie they ever made and they were all great (Ok, Cars 2 was merely good, but whatever). RIP Steve, thanks for everything!


Anonymous,  19:23  

A great loss to the world. Rest in peace Mr. Jobs.

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