Wednesday, January 1

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from my family to yours (pictured in front of the Alberta Legislature Building in Edmonton an hour ago) It's 2014. I wish everyone a wonderful year ahead. I'm optimistic about this new year although I feel terrible right now due to intermittent abdominal pain. 

I may not know yet the cause of this, but I choose to believe God has a plan for my life so I can't be too downcast. Bloated but unbowed--and still doing touristy things--that's me! OUCH though. ;)


Sunday, October 27


I know I will regret this in a few weeks, but "Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOOOWWWWW!!!" Singing at the top of my lungs & gingerly walking--trying not to slip--while taking these photos. 

My trick or treat plans with my nieces this Halloween might be in jeopardy if this snow continues...

I wonder why those birds were still happily yapping away on this weather though... or are they doing that because they are cold too? Oh, well. One of life's mysteries, I guess. Okay, off to church now. Happy Sunday!

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