Friday, July 9

Babies are not for flushing down toilets, okay?

not for babies...
This story about a 24-year-old medical student named Amandeep Mann from India who gave birth in a plane lavatory, and subsequently tried to flush the baby down the toilet, is just too weird to ignore.

What would push a new mother to do this to her baby?  Did she honestly think she could get away with this? Why carry a child to term just to get rid of him in this way when he was born? Dude, this woman is definitely messed up.

She's a medical student, eh? She can't plead ignorance in this case then, because medical students are supposed to be smart and informed about these things.

What the h*ll. If you can't keep your knees together--get a condom, go on the pill--there are a lot of choices. There's absolutely no excuse to try to kill your baby, idiot!

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the baby's head got stuck in the toilet bowl and was brought to the hospital with the toilet still attached and surgeons had to use a saw cutter to release the poor newborn out of it.

He's still in critical condition, and I hope if he survives this, he won't ever have to be around his pathetic jail-bound mother. What a way to enter the world little guy, but life is crazy... Good luck!


Jane 17:25  

Poor baby. That poor excuse for a human being who did this to her own child should be punished. You're right, she had lots of options. Jail is too good for this woman, grrrr!

Liza 18:28  

Terrible. Sometimes I wonder about the sanity of some people. Flushing a baby down the toilet? This woman must be really selfish or barking mad.

Bing,  21:34  

Dapat ibitin patiwarik ang babaeng ganyan. Tama, sa panahon ngayon andami nang pwedeng gamitin para di mabuntis. Walang excuse ang sinumang makati para pumatay ng batang inosente! Grrrrr talaga.

kikilabotz 22:19  

the good thing is.. the boy still alive..Praise God ^_^

Lynn 00:23  

@Jane I agree.

@Liza I think she's both selfish and barking.

@Bing Patiwarik ba naman, hehe.

JK,  02:06  

Im not saying what she did was right but she;s indian. She panicked and did a very bad thing. I dont expect non indians 2 understand . Yes,she could have took the pill,used a condom. Mayb she wanted 2 keep the baby,mayb she wanted to give it away when she gets 2 india. U dont know the complete story so stop judgin her

Lynn 15:01  

@kikilabotz Yes, the baby is a fighter.

@JK Indian or not, you're not supposed to do this to your baby whatever nationality you are. I would have understood if she's uneducated and didn't know any better--but she's obviously smart enough to get into medical school--there's no excuse for this kind of criminal behavior.

Maybe I'm missing something about Indian custom and I can't imagine how scared she must have been, but she came in a flight from Belarus, she could have had her baby there and given him up for adoption... she chose instead to flush him down a toilet bowl!

The problem is people always find excuses for horrid behavior like this and not enough people are taking personal responsibility for their actions.

roni 16:48  

The worst thing about the entire situation is that airplane toilets can't even flush turds! imagine a baby. she's dumb and deserves whatever bad luck she gets

Anonymous,  12:34  

i have been following this blog for some time now, good job by the way

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