Monday, July 12

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and drooling...

Team Edward... err... Jacob!
I finally watched The Twilight Saga: Eclipse last weekend when I got together with my cousin and her girls. I haven't paid much attention to the brouhaha about the Twilight series though I've read all of the books... I liked it well enough, I just thought Bella could have been more assertive and kick-ass, but whatever.

Pia, En and Marivic
This movie was action-packed and quite funny in places, so I was a happy camper. And I have to admit, that Jacob (Taylor Lautner) boy's abs was unreal! Talk about drool-worthy... looking at him makes you wonder what's wrong with Bella picking Edward over him. :)

move over, Bella...
I couldn't help but tease (and pinch!) En because she's absolutely on "Team Jacob" and man, he was almost always shirtless the whole movie. There were even girls who chose to sit on the theater aisles to get a better look at his undeniable hotness. Gosh, the squealing from the girls had my ears ringing... but it was really fun watching the Twihards thoroughly enjoy themselves.


Missy,  20:56  

Team Edward ako pero tanggap ko na mas sexy talaga si Jacob, ahahaha!

Em 21:26  

I prolly won't enjoy the movie lol! I didn't for the first book and the movie lol! Bella is ahm she looks like a stoned cheerleader, she's kinda awkward and irritating to watch =))

Jane 03:23  

Oh my gosh! he's really sexy, the hubby's hiding the Jacob poster I bought lol.

C 04:03  

I watched Twilight as soon as I got home from Europe!

I have to say though....I hated this one.... Bella is just so stupid. Why can't she choose the werewolf...oh yeah....wait....werewolf is poor while vampire is like ultra-rich.... guess things aren't very different in vampire-emo-werewolf world compared to the world today in our society, eh??

Thank you for welcoming me back. :)

Liza 14:46  

Nagtataka din ako kay Bella... hello!!! abs pa lang ni Jacob ulam na, hehehe.

Lynn 15:54  

@Missy It's apparent to everyone e. :)

@Em I see your point, she looks bored most of the time...

@Jane nagselos? haha!

@C Oo nga no? or maybe it's because Bella bonded w/ Edward first? Hmm... so glad you're back!

@Liza ulam?!? LOL!

roni 16:47  

I didn't see it but the fever is just too hype to ignore! I'm doing a giveaway for twilight ;x.

Lynn 14:40  

@roni the tees look great!

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