Tuesday, November 17

The Blind Side movie reviews are coming in!

I've written in a previous post how much I loved the book The Blindside: Evolution of a Game and how apprehensive I was that the movie based on it might not be any good. It's starting to look like my fear was unfounded at least in early reviews. From trade magazine Variety:

After swinging for the fences and scoring a sleeper success with "The Rookie" (2002), writer-director John Lee Hancock takes the field with "The Blind Side," another uplifting and entertaining feel-good, fact-based sports drama. The combo of top-billed Sandra Bullock's marquee allure and a true-life story with well-nigh irresistible emotional appeal probably would be enough to fill megaplex stadiums at any time of the year. But this Nov. 20 Warners release is particularly well positioned to be a four-quadrant hit as the consensus choice of family auds during the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Critics though seem to have a problem with the ' too good to be true' aspects of the story. I guess it's normal for people to be cynical, to doubt other people's motivations for doing good. Some even say that this movie is racist because it depicts a white family saving a black young man. I mean what's wrong with these people? The life of Michael Oher speaks for itself really, from a homeless kid to millionaire football player in just a few years is an amazing achievement. I hope everyone could just enjoy the movie without looking for hidden meanings in it. For me as long as it doesn't mess too much with the facts in the book - I'm good.

a nice article by World magazine about Michael Oher and the Tuohy family who adopted him.

Opening in theaters in the Philippines January 27, 2010


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