Sunday, November 22

Kelly Clarkson is amazing, Adam Lambert is just desperate

I was watching the American Music Awards on TV and I couldn't help but notice that almost every performer had elaborate sets, choreography, fireworks etc. that after a bit the performances started to look the same to me. How refreshing then that Kelly Clarkson just sang her song 'Already Gone' without any gimmickry. Not trying to be edgy, racy or raunchy like the others(hello, Lady Gaga!) but just using her voice as her instrument and it worked. She totally deserved the standing ovation after her performance.

I think we have gotten too used to the outrageous that we sometimes fail to appreciate the beauty in simplicity. It's really wonderful to be reminded that most of the time less is more. Compare Kelly Clarkson's classy, understated performance to Adam Lambert's and you'll see what I mean.

Adam Lambert might think this is sexy but it just looked weird, desperate, degrading and utterly banal. Haven't we all seen this before? How many wannabe pop stars have taken this road, trying too hard to shock and push the envelope to the detriment of our culture? The result being that almost nothing shocks us anymore. Shoving a dancer in your crotch while screeching a song is hardly new. Meh. Adam might have been better off being like Kelly this time. Nice save on the fall though.


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