Monday, November 9

Britney Spears lip synchs. Quick, call the police!

This is ridiculous. Why does it matter if she is singing live? She's not Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson. People are not looking for Britney Spears to give powerhouse vocals, she's never been about that. She's an entertainer, more of a performer than a singer. Watching this YouTube clip could be an education for the innocent little lambs who are shocked that she mimes her songs in her concerts.

Granted she's not the dancer she used to be in her "Toxic" days but she still moves around a lot. Anyway if you're a Britney fan, just be thankful she's performing again and not shucking her underwear or shaving her head.

Remember this?

People should give her a break. She puts on a spectacle in her performances - a circus if you will. I would pay to see her if she's ever in my neck of the woods. She is a pop culture phenomenon, if that is not a good enough reason for you then don't buy tickets to her concerts. Let's not push her into another nervous breakdown over this. Britney Spears lip synchs, deal with it!


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