Friday, November 13

Edu Manzano for Vice President. Blech.

Here we go again, actor and game show host Edu Manzano has thrown his hat into the ring and is now running for vice president of the Philippines. Will Filipinos ever get over our penchant for voting for whoever is famous? I mean these actors, TV hosts, celebrities must think being on the screen is a good enough reason to run for any high office. After all, we had a former President ( who was impeached, jailed for plunder, pardoned and inexplicably now running again for president), several senators, governors, mayors plucked from their ranks. But seriously? It gets tiring after a while.

I'm sure Edu Manzano has good personal qualities, but being vice mayor of Makati City, chairman of the Optical Media Board chasing after cd and dvd pirates on side streets, and actor/TV host are not enough qualification to be as they say a 'heartbeat away' from the presidency. This reeks of blind ambition no matter the protestations to the contrary. I guess some would say I'm being too hard on him considering our current vice president was himself a TV newscaster but isn't that the point? Enough already.


angel maia 21:53  

You said it. When will we ever learn.

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