Saturday, November 14

Proud of Manny Pacquiao. Hope he stays out of politics, though.

Manny Pacquiao is truly a great fighter. He just won the World Boxing Organization welterweight title from Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico. This is his seventh title in seven weight classes which is a first in boxing history. I watched the fight live on the internet and was worried at first that Cotto looked so much bigger but hey, our boy came through and knocked out his opponent in the 12th round. I felt so sorry for Cotto, he was all bloodied and beaten up. His wife and son were at ringside watching and left when it got too much for them. I guess it's part of boxing but still...

Living in the Philippines, it's hard to escape the presence of Manny Pacquiao. He's literally everywhere. On billboards, TV commercials ( it seems he has gazillions of them), radio ( he sings too, don't cha know?) and movies( coming very soon to theaters). Everytime he has a fight the whole country drops everything just to watch him. The streets would be practically deserted. He is that BIG. He has political ambitions though - he ran for a congressional seat two years ago to represent his district, but he was defeated. He said he'd like a second crack at politics. I'd rather he steers clear of it and stick to boxing, he's an absolutely great boxer. He has a good thing going here. Even his mom is in the movies now for goodness' sake! No need to have politics taint or ruin Pacman.

Update: Oy.
Update 2: Manny wins seat in congress.


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