Monday, January 4

Back to normal...

bye for now

What is it with going back to work/study after a long vacation? The two-week Christmas break is tough to get over for me. I've been spoiled silly with the home-cooked meals, fun trips to the beach, sightseeing, attending fiestas, driving around town, sleeping as long as I wanted, joking around with the kids etc.

Not looking forward to leaving all that but real life beckons. Will hop a flight to Manila this afternoon... I have to be back to work at the hospital tomorrow. I believe I'm not alone in feeling a little disjointed by the long vacation but I'm grateful to have spent quality time with the family...see you next Christmas guys!


Liza,  17:23  

Pasalubong ko.

Dori and Auj 04:18  

happy new year! ;) hope you had a blast.. a good one, we mean.

C 02:12  

So, I gather that you work in a hospital...are you a doctor? A nurse perhaps? And you come to Manila from the must miss your family there... aaahhhh.... here in the Philippines, I consider Ozamiz as my "province" :) As my grandparents migrated from China, to Ozamiz. :) I have many memories there! :) I miss it often, you know. :)

Lynn 03:30  

**Liza, Oo dala ko...

**Dori and Auj, Yes I did. Thanks!

**C, I'm an MD, been living in Manila since med school but there's just something about the "province" no?

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