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Noynoy Aquino and Shalani Soledad


I found this article about how Noynoy Aquino met his girlfriend Shalani Soledad.

SENATOR Noynoy Aquino was dining with friends in Alfredo’s Steak House on Morato when the topic of his “type” of woman came up. The bachelor legislator, who turns 50 this year, was at a loss for words but as his eyes wandered around the restaurant, he spotted a woman a few tables away. Straightaway, he told his friends: “See her? That’s my type of woman.”

A few minutes later, the senator stepped out for a smoke (a bad habit he should quit soonest) and was greeted by the woman he had spotted and her group. Told that they were councilors from Valenzuela, Bulacan, Noynoy warmed up to them, not least because, as he laughingly reasons, “I was then chair of the Senate committee on local government.” Of course, he managed to get the woman’s name and they exchanged numbers. And while strengthening relations with local governments, he and Shalani Soledad soon became a couple.

...So what attracted him to Lani, as she is called by friends and family? “The minute we started talking, there were no communication barriers,” he shared. “We clicked instantly, and I found that I could talk with her about almost anything.”

Awww... I hope Noynoy has finally found "the One". At almost 50, I bet his judgment has gotten pretty good. Choosing the right person to marry is one of the most important decisions one could make. I don't think it's a knock on his character that he's taking his sweet time. I believe he could be a good President while single. So it's not good to pressure him to get married if that's not what he wants.

Shalani Soledad seems to be a fine woman... pretty, unassuming, well-spoken and she is not running around boasting about her connections, either. I might be a little biased though because 'Lani' is a proud Bicolana and a councilor in the 2nd district of Valenzuela City (where I went to school). It would be nice to have a First Lady like her, but she must be ready for the pressures that comes with all that too.

Update: new Inquirer feature "NOYNOY-SHALANI A love story people are talking about".

Update 2.0: The Aquino women (Ballsy, Pinky & Viel) on Shalani: 
 ALL three have only good words for Shalani Soledad, the city councilor who is Noynoy’s main squeeze. Though none of them have been on the stump with her, they are aware of Shalani’s own campaign sorties, and Ballsy says she’s heard so many stories about Shalani’s capabilities as a campaigner.“Being a local government official, she would know the challenges and demands that a politician faces,” Ballsy says with approval.
Asked if Shalani is their “favorite” among Noynoy’s girlfriends, all three roll their eyes and Ballsy, sighing, says: “We’ve had so many favorites among them through the years. We don’t want to hope again. We leave it all up to Noy.”
Update 3.0: from Philstar: Shalani Soledad: Simple and sincere 
Update 4.0: from Manila Bulletin: She’s that girl 

Update 5.0: Shalani will have to wait to be First Lady... getting married is not a priority for Noynoy post-election.

Update 6.0: Kris interviews Shalani on The Buzz.

Update 7.0: @ Noynoy's proclamation

Update 8.0: Breaking up? Confirmed. President Noynoy is now dating his stylist, Liz Uy. Well that's life, goodluck to them both.


Jane 18:17  

O napapansin ko showbiz ka this past few days. I think Shalani's pretty but too young for Noynoy. Pero gusto ko na di sya ma epal.

Lynn 01:08  

Updated ako dahil kay Liza. Ayan tuloy na internalize ko na mga celeb news nya hehe.

Anonymous,  01:16  

Pakasalan mo na si Shalani, Noynoy! Baka mapunta pa yan sa iba pag natauhan hehehe.

Anonymous,  03:01  

Malas naman ni Shalani. hahaha. sa abnoy sya mapupunta.

Anonymous,  00:36  

I am optimistic that:-
A family of 3 will marry a family of 5 in the (3x5) 15th Presidency.

NoyNoy's number is 5:-
Father Ninoy died at 50
Became Ninoy at 50
now family of 5 siblings (NoyNoy + 4 sisters)
survived 5 bullets
Elected on 10/5/10 (all numbers divisible by 5)
Stayed at 25 Times Street. QC.

Shalani's Number is 3:-
Age 30
was 3 years old when his dad Ninoy was martyred
now family of 3 (mum Evelyn, bro. Carlo, Shalani)
Elected Councilor for 3 terms.
Marries Benigno Aquino III (the 3rd)

330 days after Noynoy & Shalani became a couple on 5th September 2008, mum President Cory RIP 1-8-09.

39 days after Mum rested in peace, Noynoy announced Candidacy 09-09-09
This is 369 days after Noynoy and Shalani became a couple.

273 days later (about 9 months of labor + pain political "pregnancy" ) P-Noy was proclaimed (born) on 9-5-10. That was 369 days after Noynoy and Shalani became a couple.

27 days after that (3 weeks later) P-Noy was inaugurated. That was 396 days after Noynoy and Shalani became a couple.
(All above numbers divisible by 3)

3 is number of Triune God.
On the 3rd day of creation, life starts growing on earth.
Christ also resurrected on 3rd day.

So Shalani will bring new life and resurrection to Noynoy.

Just like Rebecca comforting Isaac at the death of his mother Sarah, Shalani will bring life and happiness to Noynoy.

They will get married and live together happily ever after...


Anonymous,  05:10  

I seldom leave comments on blogs, but the ideas really rocks, also I have a few questions like to ask, what's your contact details?


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