Thursday, January 21

Catfight: "I hunted rats for you!"

Rediscovered this video... I watched it again with my cousin Rose and we nearly busted our guts laughing. This drama is epic... even cats cheat? Hmmmm...


MaxiVelasco 15:06  

Hello Lynn. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am really happy to have you there.

oh my. I got so angry when I had troubles with Facebook. I never thought I'd still be able to retrieve my account. After more than an hour of struggle, I finally did it. Thanks to great blogger friends we have here.

By the way, since you live in Manila, do you know a cheap but okey place to stay there for two weeks? I will be coming home in February and finding a plce to stay there seems to be so difficult to find. I am just a student so I can't afford expensive hotels. Your help will be much appreciated.

another By the way... I'se seen this video once through a friend. It's so funny and cute... Haha. Thanks for sharing.

have a great day.

Lynn 18:35  

Hey Maxi, glad you've got your Facebook page back. Will send you a message there about accommodations...

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