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Tips On Requesting BPI Credit Card Annual Membership Fee Reversal

The title is quite a mouthful I know, but I'm just giddy happy that I've got my BPI edge credit card annual membership fee reversed. I'm late to the party actually-- I've had this card for almost 3 years now and I didn't know you could request for a waiver on your annual fee until my friend Ludy admonished me when she noticed my credit card bill includes a monthly membership fee of P110($2.6) per month. I didn't think it was a big deal since it's not a lot of money anyway... but she has a point that little expenses do add up. So I asked her for tips on how to go about this and she advised:

1. Be sure you are in good standing with the bank--they check your payment history, how much you charge every month etc.

2. Email a request for annual membership fee reversal to

3. or Call the BPI call center at 89-100. Be nice but very firm to the customer service representative.

4. Never, never give up the points you've earned (they'll try their darndest to make you)

5. Threaten to cancel your credit card if they would not waive your annual fee. (This is a last resort, only do this if you're sure and you have backup credit cards just in case they actually do it)

Armed with these, I called 89-100 and proceeded to tell the CSR that I'd like to request for a membership fee reversal. She asked me for my credit card number and other pertinent informations then asked me to wait while she checked my record... after a minute I was given a "reference number" and told that my request has been approved and the reversal will be included in my next billing statement.

It took all of 2 minutes to accomplish so I was like "huh, that's it?". I was expecting a little resistance, LOL. But apparently if you've charged at least P200,000 ($4300) on your BPI credit card in a year, they won't give you a hard time and I've charged way more than that and I also always pay in full and on time. Kinda anticlimactic but it worked.


Smith Jhonson 21:07  

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Congrats, nice to hear that you're making some really nice ground. I enjoy reading what you write.

Ronnie,  22:50  

Hello, I just recently requested my annual fee to be reversed and its my first time :) I know it is possible to waive the annual fee but I need some tips back then. When I tried google-ing it, I arrived at this page and it really helped me ;) thanks a lot Lynn.

Good thing that item number 1 is check for me. I was never delayed on paying my bills. Then I proceed to item 3 hoping that I will not arrive on item 5. haha.

At first, the CSR offered me 50% reversal fee (btw, my annual fee is 1550 - blue mastercard), then I told the CSR...

ME: "Ah okay, 50% lang sure ka? Hindi ba pdeng 100% na?" (in a nice tone)
CSR: "As of now sir, yun pa lang approved ng credit deparment"
ME: "Ah ganun ba? Sige na nga! Okay na yun."
CSR: "Okay sir, etc."

Then I tried asking her again if 100% na kasi sayang naman 700+ din yun.

Then the CSR said that she will just give me 2 reference numbers, one for the approved 50% reversal fee (3 banking days) and the other for the 50% remaining (7 banking days) but it is still under request. Ofcourse I said SURE!

After 3 banking days, I called them again and provide the two reference numbers to know what is the status of my requests because it is not yet reflected. After some verification, the CSR told me that the other half is already approved (So 100% reversed!), and just wait after 6PM same day because the posting happens that time. (YEY!)

So thats it. :) Special thanks to Lynn for your tips.

Lynn 05:33  

@Ronnie, glad to be of help... you just have to be nice to the CSRs and have a good record. Btw I've got a full reversal this year too. :)

Anonymous,  19:35  

hi, just want to ask what if di naman ganun kalaki ang charges ko. possible pa rin ba ma-waive without ssacrificing the points? thanks

Lynn 19:42  

It depends on the CSR din. It wouldn't hurt to try, as long as you have a good payment history... I think banks would still want to keep you as a client. :)

Plastic Card 02:09  

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