Tuesday, January 19

Kris Aquino's Latest Travails

Kris Aquino is embroiled in yet another controversy. This time she confronted a woman who apparently acted too chummy with her husband--basketball star James Yap. The woman's family subsequently informed the media to the effect that "now they know who they will not vote for" because of the incident (Kris' brother Noynoy Aquino is running for President of the Philippines). Kris took to the airwaves to deny she shouted at the woman and pleaded for people not to drag Noynoy into her domestic troubles.

The scandal plagued but good natured Kris Aquino has continuously been in the public eye for more than two decades since her father Ninoy was martyred and her mother Cory became President... she must know by now that everything she does will provoke comment, condemnation and adoration depending on who you ask.

She is well within her rights as a wife to react to what she sees as a threat to her marriage and family. As a public figure and tireless campaigner for her brother though, she should have thought long and hard before she showed up at the house of her husband's overzealous female "fan", even if her intention is not to cause a scene but to just talk to the former about her inappropriate behavior.

When I first heard of this incident, the first thought on my mind was "this could not have waited after the election, huh?" And then I sobered up and remembered that this is Kris Aquino we're talking about here--she's practically indestructible. Filipinos have taken Kris into their hearts that whatever outrageous skirmishes she'd gotten entangled with in the past, she always was able to bounce back even stronger than before.

She had survived so many scandals ( unsuitable men, STDs etc.) quite unbecoming of a daughter of heroic figures but the public though exasperated, has always been forgiving. Of course there are snarky comments but most people usually wish her well. In this latest dust-up there's no doubt in my mind she'll get over this too. She's left her husband temporarily to have some "space for me" and is not yet ready to say her marriage is over. I hope she and her husband patch things up eventually.

*** photos courtesy of Kris' FB

Update: That was fast--Kris confirmed in a statement that she and James are now back together.

Latest Kris issue: Ruffa Gutierrez' "walkout" from "The Buzz". I don't see anything wrong with what Kris said to Ruffa here though. But like everything that involves Kris Aquino, this has become big news.

Annabelle Rama just had to play drama queen again on behalf of her daughter, so the furs flew. I think it's unfair to drag Noynoy's name into this but I guess Kris is so identified with her brother's campaign now, people just couldn't help themselves.

Kris for her part has apologized to Ruffa and Annabelle.  But I can't help but think that Kris has been used in all this to drum up interest on Ruffa's new show on TV5.

Kris to Pacquiao: Unlike you, Noynoy undefeated in polls
“In politics, Noy has won 3 straight terms sa Congress and won almost 15 million votes sa senatorial [race] in 2007." “How sad na he didn't think na in politics, knock out nga s’ya,” 
Kris gives up on James. Marriage over. James still fights, wants an "intact" family.

Update: Kris left for US vacation with her kids, lawyers file for "declaration of nullity of marriage".
             James Yap hopes for a miracle. 


Liza,  19:31  

Hay, the colorful life of Kris...

Anonymous,  00:50  

James is such a horndog. He should grow up and be a family man!

Jane 18:19  

Ang kati naman kasi ni James. Naku kung asawa ko yan ginulpi ko na!

merly,  02:12  

hay! naku kris kung ako sa iyo... hayaan mo na yan si james...siya ang nawalan hindi ikaw...hindi siya naghihinayang sa isang tulad mo..

Anonymous,  23:00  

Poor Kris, nagamit ng madramang Ruffa at Annabelle Rama.

C 03:46  

Kris Aquino is Blair Waldorf of The Philippines.

So let her be Blair.

And if Blair had a brother running for president, I don't think it would matter whatever Blair did. It's so....domestic.... to say "let's not vote for her brother because we don't like her" Seriously...are we all having a third grade class elections here??????

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