Thursday, January 14

Sense and Sensitivity

Actress/TV personality Rosanna Roces was recently involved in a controversy when she said mean things about teachers in a talent show ("Showtime") where she was a judge. A big brouhaha ensued and though she apologized, she was still removed from the show. So I don't understand why The Movie and Television Review Classification Board (MTRCB) still suspended "Showtime" for 20 days.

Sure, what Rosanna Roces said was insensitive but she's entitled to her opinion. I think the MTRCB is overreacting. The offending party is not with the show anymore so a "preventive suspension" is ridiculous at this point. I think it's up to the viewing public to decide what they want to watch on TV, not a government body. The government should stay out of silly controversies like this and focus on serious issues.


Jane 18:42  

E kasi naman masyadong walang class magsalita si Osang. But I agree na sobrang OA ang mtrcb.

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