Monday, January 18

Bad news for Manny Villar

a Filipino success story

This is disappointing news... of all the Presidential candidates, Senator Manny Villar has the best backstory... born into a poor family in Tondo, Manila--he sold shrimp and fish in his youth so he could support his education. With determination and grit he was able to build one of the largest real-estate companies in the Philippines. He is completely self-made and is now according to Forbes Asia magazine the 9th richest Filipino with an estimated net worth of $530 million. It's very hard to root against a guy like that.

The Senate investigation on the C5 road extension controversy has been going on for months. Villar is being accused of having used his influence so the road would run through his properties... his corporations allegedly received road right-of-way payments. As a keen observer of the goings-on in Philippine politics... I would not even pretend that this is not politically motivated, of course it is. This is the Philippines--everything is politics here.

Whatever happens with this investigation...I hope the Senators would be fair to Manny Villar and quit their grandstanding. I might not be voting for the man (succumbed to the "Cory Magic", wink!) but I have profound respect for what he has achieved by his hard work and daring.

Update: LP points to Iloilo land case as ‘pattern’ of Villar’s wealth. Hmmm...
Update: Villar pressure on PSE to okay stock offering bared 
              Villar concedes to Noynoy 

Enlightening Winnie Monsod video about the C5 road extension project controversy: 



Wacks,  02:15  

This is just too bad for Villar. I don't believe he would do something so stupid. He doesn't need the money.

Lynn 19:43  

Oo nga e.

Fl@xxid 22:00  

I prefer to elect an incompetent loser to a position of public service rather than someone who desires it greatly. The Athenians of ancient Greece filled important administrative positions by the simple drawing of lots. They risked putting someone incompetent in position but they preferred that to putting in power someone already powerful and capable of buying votes. The Athenians did rather well with this system, I believe.

Interesting read about Villar and the other candidates:

Lynn 12:53  

@Fl@xxid With everything that's happened in this country, that would be a refreshing change. Thanks for the link, it's a fascinating read.

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