Wednesday, February 24

About Hayden Kho's medical license


Dr. Hayden Kho, who caused a massive scandal last year when videotapes of his intimate encounters with actresses/models were uploaded on the internet, is again appealing the ruling by the Board of Medicine of The Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) to permanently strip him of his medical license due to "immorality, dishonorable and unethical conduct".

I can't even imagine what the women in the videos went through, they must have felt terrible humiliation knowing anyone with a computer had access to the tapes and bootleg dvds are also sold in the streets, available to every perv who wants it. I have not watched any of the notorious videos--I don't know, maybe subconsciously I don't want to add to these women's pain?

Hayden Kho was definitely wrong to videotape his bed partners without their consent, but reading the news reports about this debacle, it appears that he did not mean for the videos to be made public. It only got out when his jealous girlfriend with the help of his friends, hacked into his password-protected laptop. It's anybody's guess who actually uploaded the videos on the internet.

Maybe it's just the doctor in me, but it takes a lot of sacrifice and effort to get that medical license. Hayden Kho might be a colossal jerk for doing what he did, but I don't see how his private actions--very stupid though they were, should cost him this. What happened here is not at all connected to the practice of medicine. A suspension might be in order, but to lose his license forever? I don't think so.


Jane 14:53  

I agree. Permanent revocation is too harsh, what he did in the sex tape scandal had nothing to do with his profession. Hayden Kho is a douchebag but he deserves a second chance to contribute to society in a positive way. Let's hope he learned his lesson.

Lynn 16:01  

He's definitely a douchebag, Jane. You're right, even people who've been in jail for doing worse things get a second chance.

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