Thursday, February 11

The Blind Side movie is awesome!

I finally watched The Blind Side last weekend and it's better than I thought it would be. I still think literary works lose some of its substance when adapted for the screen--but bookworm that I am, it's not surprising I feel that way.  It's pretty much a faithful adaptation of the book with a few exceptions--Michael Oher and his adoptive sister Collins Tuohy were actually in the same class at Briarcrest Christian School and started college together at Ole Miss-- in the movie Michael went to college ahead of her. The fight with the neighborhood thug didn't happen... it was actually an Ole Miss football teammate named Antonio Turner who Michael smacked around after Turner said crude things about his adoptive mom and sister.

This movie is heart-warming without being too sappy. Sandra Bullock did a great job playing the no-nonsense Leigh Anne Tuohy and she didn't even have to shed one tear here to be effective. She deserves all the accolades she has received for her performance in this movie. Quinton Aaron also did well, I think he captured the hulking, quiet, gentle young man that was Michael Oher as he was described in the book. I was surprised at how good an actor Tim McGraw is as Sean Tuohy. Jae Head as the tough negotiator kid SJ is really cute and provided a lot of laughs too.

I saw this movie with my friends Rose, Aida and Sharon (pictured above) and we all gave it two thumbs up. It's also wonderful that fellow moviegoers stayed until the credits have rolled to look at the video and pictures of the real Michael Oher being drafted in the NFL with his family and tutor by his side. I'm gratified that the adaptation of one of my favorite books turned out this well and people have flocked to the cinemas to see this inspiring story of a young man whose life was changed by the kindness of strangers who became the family he's never had.


Jack,  22:02  

Pakilala mo naman ako sa friend mo. She's cute.

Lynn 12:17  

Sorry Jack, she's just left to work abroad a few days ago...

Anonymous,  13:07  

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