Wednesday, February 17

Manny Villar's stalking me!

see, he's stalking me... on YM...
I know I'm being a tad dramatic but I feel like Manny Villar is stalking me these days... his campaign ads are just everywhere, there's just no getting away from his orangey mug, it seems. When I open Yahoo! messenger, Facebook and even when I'm just reading my friends' blogs he's inevitably there. I don't begrudge Manny Villar's financial success (he worked hard for it) that makes it possible for him to have a campaign war chest in the billions (he's spent P543-M on ads so far), but this is getting ridiculous.
Villar's campaign spending looks like it's working for him--recent polls attest to this. I have anecdotal evidence too... when we visited a tribal settlement in Bicol, kids are singing the campaign jingle from his TV ad and several tribe members we talked to there would vote for Villar because "si Villar ang tunay na mahirap" directly quoting from it. The song might be cheesy but it's undeniably catchy, even my nephew and nieces love it.

on my friends' blogs?!!!
I don't watch much TV, so I have largely avoided the brunt of this campaign season's ad blitz from politicians running for something or other, but I log onto the internet everyday and I tell you Manny Villar's ads are creeping me out. I like the guy, but I couldn't help but think that if he's spending this much money to get elected president--if he wins, wouldn't he try to recoup his "investment" from us? He's a businessman after all...

Update: Villar's ads exceed combined airtime of 5 rivals .
Based on published rate cards, Villar’s ads cost a total of P1.2 billion in 3 months. It’s almost equal to the combined spending of P1.3 billion by 5 other leading presidential candidates. 


Balbs 19:05  

hahaha! oo nga eh. alam mo ba? yung ad ko sa blog si manny rin? nananakit na ang mata ko sa kulay kahel. hahahah

Lynn 19:13  

Balbs, isa ka sa "friends' blogs" na tinutukoy ko dito hehe... sinusundan ako ng mga ads ni manny villar kung saan saan. Buti naman na kumita ka sa kanya...

C 20:37  

I"m glad that you have pointed this out. It's very annoying, really.

I think that people should realize, though, that you don't just make billions that fast by working hard.

Of course, he began by taking money from government funds, for capital of his businesses. Business capital takes a lot of money. A LOT of money. Yeah, he worked hard, but only after stealing in order to be able to work hard.

Why don't people see this?

And, after he spends billions- do people think he's not going to steal again from the gov't to patch up those billions he's spending now???

Better the one will win is the one who isn't spending billions now, needing to make up for it later.

Lynn 22:02  

C*** Very well said. I was leaning on voting for Villar initially because of his lower middle class backstory but this C5 extension controversy he's entangled with changed my mind...

I'm just so fed up with government corruption.

The Book Buff 15:13  

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Anonymous,  23:58  


And unfortunately, Manny Villar is just like most of the opportunist politicians who are only taking advantage of our people’s misery. What do they offer? An opium of shallow entertainment in exchange of our future. It’s a shame and pathetic that they’re making circuses out of people’s poverty. They should stop using that i-will-end-poverty lines. Totally outrageous.

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