Thursday, December 31

Oyango Tribe Visit

view of the tribe settlement

walking down the steep road...

to the chapel/meeting place... spend time with these precious kids

having some fun

giving away goodies...

group pic: hoping we'll be back soon

We spent an eventful day with the Oyango tribe of Santa Teresita, Iriga City. Sponsored by the University of Saint Anthony College of Nursing... I got involved through my sister's employment with them. So with her co-workers and some of their students, we went there with the cooperation of tribal elders.

It was quite an experience... having the opportunity to spread some post-Christmas cheer with these precious people is a real blessing. Talking to Mr. Rick Perez--the person most responsible for making known the plight of tribes living in our city--is a real eye-opener. He said he's willing to take us to more largely unreached by aid tribes so we could help there too.

Having lived part of my childhood in this city, I've always been aware that there are tribal people living in the mountains nearby but was largely insulated from their issues. It's ironic that I have taken part in medical missions for the Mangyans of Mindoro and the Manobos of Mindanao but not here.

This visit I hope would be the first of many. It's heartening to see people wanting to get involved in making a difference in other people's lives...I hope we could sustain this new-found passion for the tribes we could reach in our backyard.


Jane,  13:56  

Super exciting naman ang bakasyon mo. Sama ko next time punta sa tribe ha? Happy New Year!

Lynn 16:20  

Sure. Let's arrange that. Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous,  02:27  

Dear Lynn,

I would very much like to contact Mr. Rick Perez for some research I am carrying out. Would it be possible to send me a weblink of his organisation, or perhaps his contact details?

Many thanks,

Eleanor Herzog

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