Monday, December 21

Brittany Murphy 1977-2009

Very sad news about Brittany Murphy. I've seen several of her movies--she had great comedic timing in "Clueless" and "Just Married". I feel sad for her family losing her at such a young age. There's never really a good time to lose someone you love but hearing about conjecture whilst grieving your loved one must be doubly hard.

The media's speculation about Brittany Murphy's cause of death is pathetic. Couldn't they just wait for the coroner's report and leave the family alone in their grief? Whatever happened to respecting the dead? Whether it's Michael Jackson or Heath Ledger though... people have come to expect these things to happen more and more. I just think it's unnecessarily cruel.

Update: Death ruled accidental. LA Coroner: Anemia, Meds Left Murphy Vulnerable .
Update 2: Brittany's widower Simon Monjack dead of a possible heart attack.


Jane,  03:17  

It's unfair but people are interested in tragedies. Sad but true.

Lynn 13:31  

You're right...

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