Tuesday, December 22

Gadget Shopping: BPI Installment Madness at Glorietta Mall

check your promo credit limit here first

I received a text message from my bank BPI a couple of weeks ago that there will be a "BPI Express Credit Installment Madness" on December 9-27, 2009 at the Glorietta mall. This promo increases your credit limit up to 3X your regular limit offered to BPI credit card holders every quarter (you have to be a card holder for at least a year). So if you'd like to buy high-priced gadgets this is a great offer since you could pay for it at 0% interest for up to 12 months.

these gadgets are pure temptation

Since I'm supposed to purchase my sister Mayet's birthday gift to our nephew Jian, I thought I might as well try this. So off I went to Glorietta. After checking how much I'm allowed to spend on my Edge card at the BPI desk (alarmingly high, it turned out), I started to browse the gadget aisles. If you are weak-willed--I would advice you not to go anywhere near this promo. I'd like to think I'm a prudent person but I was mightily tempted to charge every gadget I fancied on my credit card. That was scary.

my new 'love'

Fortunately I sobered up soon enough and talked myself out of buying a backup netbook for my perfectly working year-old Lenovo Y410 laptop. Anyway I was just supposed to buy Jian a new cellphone but his mom decided to buy him a laptop instead--I tried to foist the Acer netbook I was drooling on on her but she was ticked off because her Acer laptop's LCD conked out on her within 2 years. So she chose a Compaq Presario instead. I ended up buying a new iPod Touch as a gift to myself so I'm not too bummed. All in all a good day for gadget shopping.

Update: BPI text message ~ promo extended to January 15, 2010

Update 2.0: summer BPI installment madness promo @ Glorietta mall, March 3 to April 15, 2010
Update 3.0: back to school installment madness @ Glorietta, June 9-27, 2010


Merly,  23:36  

ako din ne... gusto ko kaan sa susunod ako man ha.

Lynn 15:49  

Oo ba. Next time...

Anonymous,  05:39  

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