Thursday, December 10

Avira AntiVir Detecting HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen Virus

It has been brought to my attention that readers of this blog using Internet Explorer browser and Avira antivirus are seeing something like this:

After doing some research on Google, I have learned that Avira seems to have problems with harmless iframe tags--the html tag which allow authors to insert a frame inside a document--causing this 'virus detection' even if it's not a virus. But still I don't want people to think my blog is some virus-laden piece of cr*p. To make things worse, apparently when this blog is opened through Firefox an unauthorized pop-up would appear. I don't know how it got there either, so I frantically tried to get solutions.

I thought it must be from the widgets I got from outside sources, so I removed it one by one... still the problems persisted. So I turned to the gadgets I added from Blogger itself. For those who don't know, Blogger is also owned by Google so you would expect them not to spam you or mess up your blog, right? Wrong. I found the culprit and it's the Blogger-approved flash clock from Portal Romanesc.

Things appear to be back to normal after I removed it, thank God. I realize no company is perfect and Google as huge as it is, cannot be expected to be so. But unintentional or not, this is a pain in the neck for a newbie blogger like me. I hope something would be done regarding this. I appreciate the free platform where I could rant and rave about anything and everything that strikes my fancy... but causing virus alerts and unwanted creepy advertisements through these gadget add-ons are a bit much.

***Avira's page on the HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen malware


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Anonymous,  19:20  

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous,  20:19  

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johns 23:14  

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Lynn 18:34  

Thanks for the comments guys...
johns, I still use Avira--been using it for years and it has never let me down yet.

Portal Romanesc 18:26  

The bigger they are the hard is for them to track issues, so Google has a lot of problems regarding this... and, BTW, Avira is not so good.
However, the popup was the results of a tracking code inserted in the gadget's html code which wasn't supposed to open anything, but run silently and register users statistics, like the analytics. It has been removed.

Lynn 19:19  

Thanks for clearing that up, Portal Romanesc.

Anonymous,  17:02  

Anyone know how to do things like this?

Anonymous,  09:26  

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