Friday, December 4

Tiger Woods in action

I finally got my sister's pictures from the JBWere Masters golf tournament in Melbourne. Anne and her BFF Cheryl saw Tiger Woods win there ( which made me turn green with envy ). So being the annoying little sister, I begged and badgered to make sure she took pictures for me and she came through! Let's take a break from the Tiger cheating scandal and look at these and remember that Tiger Woods became famous because of his golf prowess. Whatever personal troubles he's going through right now, it does not take away from the fact that he is the best golfer ever.

Tiger mulling his shot

Are you spitting on your hand, mister?

must be tough having people take photos of your behind...

watching your every move...

or just staring expectantly at you...

that toy tiger driver cover is "Frank", he models too

thanks, sis!

hi there, BFF Cheryl

"Frank" the driver head cover in commercials with Tiger Woods:


Mel Alarilla 17:18  

You are already registered in the official registry of all Filipino bloggers at Filipinos Unite. Thank you so much for joining. God bless.

Lynn 20:02  

Many thanks, Mel!

Anonymous,  03:34  

Prompt reply, attribute of mind :)

Anonymous,  20:00  

I can not solve.

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