Thursday, December 17

Reading 'Going Rogue' and 'The Blind Side'

I so appreciate these books my cousin Kuya Zaldy (YangYang) just gave me for Christmas. I actually read 'The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game' years ago but it was an ebook and in my view there's nothing like the feeling of holding the actual books in your hands. That sounds so geeky but that's how I feel. Maybe if I finally get the Amazon Kindle I'm crushing on, my opinion would change but for now, printed books rule!

Kuya had to buy these at the Hudson Booksellers--Dallas Forth Worth airport before he left for Manila because these books are not yet available here. I'm so happy I will get to read 'Going Rogue' now. I'm fascinated by Sarah Palin's rise in US politics so this is a real treat for me. I'm looking forward to reading non-medical books for a change. Will try to write a review when I'm done.


Jane,  14:05  

I'll borrow that once you're finished, ha?

Lynn 16:14  

Sure. Thanks for the pizza pala.

Dori and Auj 19:52  

ang saya-saya kapag books ang natatanggap mong gift noh? bookwork din ako eh.. -Auj

Lynn 23:06  

Totoo Auj... exciting talaga sa bookworms na tulad natin na maregaluhan ng libro.

Jolly Roger 23:08  

Please, as you read that ghostwritten tripe, do keep in mind that she's nowhere near representative of the vast majority of Americans.

And let me apologize in advance for the headaches you're going to get from trying to make sense out of what she says :)

Lynn 12:14  

Jolly Roger, no need to apologize...I actually think her story is inspiring. I just don't understand how people like you who don't know her could hate her so much.

Read her book. It's not headache-inducing if you have an open mind and not allow the media to shape your opinion of her.

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