Saturday, December 19

'Mother' kills newborn, won’t be charged because of loophole

This story is just terrible. A woman in Virginia smothered her newborn baby and the authorities can't charge her because of a loophole in their law. Apparently, the baby was still attached via the umbilical cord to the mother and since abortion is legal there she is considered to be within her rights to do this to her child. How a mother could kill her own baby is mind-boggling. It's a tragedy of epic proportions. If you are not safe even in your mother's hands... then no place is safe anymore.

Don't this woman know there are choices open to her? If she did not want the child she could have just given him up for adoption. They even have laws there that you could drop off your unwanted newborn at any hospital--no questions asked. It is really tragic that some women think they are not strong enough to let their child live. People make mistakes but it is selfish to think that after said 'mistake' you could just go on and get away with murder.

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."
- Mother Teresa


Anonymous,  14:08  

So sad that this thing happened. I hope something could be done to make women like this pay.

Lynn 23:04  

Yes, let's hope the law gets changed.

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