Monday, December 7

Drooling over the Amazon Kindle 2

come to me my cutie...

I have always been an avid reader so when the Amazon Kindle first appeared, it piqued my interest immediately. Never mind that it was not available in the Philippines, I kept on going back to the amazon website just to drool about the possibilities. A device you could read on without the glare? Count me in.

I have downloaded ebooks on my Palm Zire 72 for years. I used to have the Zire 71 before that, until I threw it on the floor in a fit of stupidity and broke it ( I was instantly mortified ) but I digress. The glare is terrible for my poor eyes but bookworm that I am I still read on its puny screen. I even read my medical books there because it's handy.

...leave me alone!

So now I'm in a bit of a quandary since the Kindle has just been made available for shipping here--now I can't decide if it's worth the US$350 ( inclusive of custom duties and taxes ) it would cost me to order it . This article from yahoo only made it worse. The geek in me says "go", the practical side of me says "think long and hard". Hmmm... but it is so pretty, light and handy. I could read wherever I want... I also would go bonkers if someone steals it! I'm going nuts. Help.


angel maia 23:28  

Hi Lyn, I received your comment, Thanks. =) Have a great week.

Anonymous,  04:24  

I'm thinking you should check out the one available by Barnes and Nobles called the Nook. I'm getting one of those. I can hardly wait!!!

Dori and Auj 04:36  

I am hoping to get one if the company I work for finally decides to sponsor it. I adore the Kindle too. ;) -Auj

Lynn 10:39  

Thanks Marty, but I don't think the Nook is available here yet. Its impressive though--colored touchscreen?!. Wow, now I have to drool at another gadget... you're mean! LOL.

Lynn 10:46  

Auj, it costs a pretty penny. I hope you get it for free. We could use the Kindle for PC while waiting.

Lynn 11:24  

Thanks so much angel maia!

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