Monday, February 15

Marriage proposal gone wrong

Don't do this unless you're absolutely sure she's gonna say "yes", okay? This poor misguided guy must be humiliated. The woman coldly walked away not caring that thousands of eyes were watching... being put on the spot obviously isn't her cup of tea. Epic fail.

I don't understand how some men would think it wise to  propose so publicly. Sure, if she answers in the affirmative it would be considered a very smart move and he'll have a nice story to tell the kids, but what if this happens? Well, strangers all over the globe will gawk at your stupidity via YouTube.

*** If it was me though I'd probably say "yes" just to spare him the embarrassment then gently turn him down in private... he was just trying to be romantic after all.

Eh. Not surprising.


C 21:50  

But how can any woman have the heart to do that to a man? Given that they're in love and have been in a relationship with each other for a while...he probably expected with all of his heart she'd say yes... bitch. pfff. Poor guy. You just wanna hug him and make it all better again. :(

Lynn 23:19  

C*** I wanted to use the B word too to describe her but maybe she was just surprised? I don't know, but I agree that this is just cruel.

Anonymous,  03:01; You saved my day again.

Balbs 19:03  

hindi man lang na-touch? kainis naman ang mga ganyan after all the effort. pero true, baka nga naman nagulat lang din siya.

and i like the term... epic fail. :D

Lynn 20:40  

Anonymous*** really? thanks.

Balbs*** oo nga balbs e but they're saying now that it's some kind of set-up.

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