Sunday, February 21

Veronica Siwik-Daniels don't deserve an apology


Some women are such idiots. I can't believe the nerve of this Veronica Siwik-Daniels aka pornstar "Joslyn James" who was one of Tiger Woods' many mistresses. After Tiger Woods practically prostrated himself with his 13-minute apology to the world, this fame hungry skank, took to the microphones to demand a special "face to face", "look in his eyes" apology.

This woman does not deserve any apology from Tiger because she knew all the while she was carrying on an affair with him that he was married, so she could not honestly claim she'd been deceived or lied to. Her "sorry" to Elin Woods and her children don't amount to a hill of beans... she was an adult who made the decision to sleep with a rich and famous married man without thinking of the consequences.

"You cant help who you love", eh? What a pathetic excuse. Wishing she'd been told the "truth" so she would have made other choices? How about just respecting the truth that a married man is always off limits? If she had any decency at all, when Tiger Woods first came calling, she should have thought about Elin, Sam and Charlie then and told him no.

Update: Just to prove how truly "sorry" she was, this poor excuse for a human being just released Tiger's raunchy texts sent to her. Yeah, that would make Elin and her kids feel a lot better (sarc).


Anonymous,  08:01  

I so agree, and does she expect respect when in porn biz. Shame on her for being with a married man. Personally I dont have any respect for Veronica or Tiger. Hope Elin moves on how will you be happy if you stay after something like this after something like this.

Lynn 12:33  

I've lost a lot of respect for Tiger too... to throw away what he built over years for these women? Though for the children, I understand why Elin would try to work it out.

C 00:52  

I agree with you.

ahahahahahahah! It's actually hilarious, eh? A mistress asking for an if she was forced into having an affair with him.... ahahhhahahahah.... here she is, a mistress, sleeping with a married man, and she's acting like a 4-year-old who lost her piece of candy....



I don't understand really, how some peoples' minds develop...maybe something went wrong in those pre-cognitive stages of development....

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