Friday, February 19

Be classy, Scotty Lago

What the heck was this Scotty Lago guy thinking? Way to celebrate winning an Olympic medal, chump. I'm all for having fun and he certainly deserves to let loose a little after winning his snowboarding bronze medal, but to knowingly pose for these pictures (in his Team USA shirt, no less) is so incredibly stupid.

At least he had the sense to apologize to the U.S. Olympic Committee and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association after these cringe-worthy pictures were published by the celebrity news website TMZ. He also decided to go home early to avoid the unwanted attention that has resulted from this. So instead of having the time of his life at the Olympics he got into the middle of a controversy because he just had to do this to his bronze medal:
And how utterly dense is this girl? What's gotten into her that she'd willingly put herself in this degrading position in front of all and sundry? Her mother must be sooo very proud of her little girl now (sarc). These days, almost nothing you do is ever private anymore, when will people take that to heart and act accordingly? What seems like "innocent fun" could bite you in the posterior, kids. I hate to think what these silly kids might have done if he had won gold.

***removed the objectionable half of the picture and the s word--I forgot my friend Jane's kids lurk here, sorry.

***photos from Getty images and TMZ


Liza,  21:11  

Kadiri naman ang girl, mukha pa man ding Pinay. Sana hindi, ang landi eh.

Jane 01:20  

Thanks for editing the pic. Mahirap mag explain ng ganyan sa mga bata. They insist on coming here everyday e mahina pa ngang magbasa.

Lynn 03:01  

@Liza oo nga no?

@Jane sorry medyo na carried away... lagi nga palang pumupunta mga boys mo dito, buti nakita mo agad. Will be careful next time.

C 03:08  

the girl needs breast implants.

hey, i'm just sayin', if you're gonna do that in a photo-- at least have the cleavage- you know?


Lynn 13:28  


C 00:53  


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