Wednesday, February 3

The NBI throws out evidence in the trash?!?!

NBI meet CSI

This is unbelievable. The medico legal officer who performed the autopsies on the bodies of the Maguindanao Massacre victims, apparently admitted in court that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) who's tasked by the President to investigate the killings, allowed the victims' clothes to be tossed out in the trash because they don't have a refrigerator to store them in. Excuse me?

As I said to my blogger friend Bluetooth who brought this to my attention--even idiots know you shouldn't destroy evidence. Don't these people watch TV (CSI, Law & Order etc.)? Hmmph! I know these crime shows are idealized versions of reality and there's no way in h*ll it could be duplicated in the Philippines but keeping the clothes worn by murder victims ought to be standard procedure, right?

from PhilStar:
During the cross examination by Ampatuan’s lawyer Sigfrid Fortun, Rodaje admitted that the clothes of Jenalyn were disposed of during the examination and were never preserved as evidence.

Rodaje said it is not a practice at the NBI to keep such items since the office has no refrigeration unit.

"The clothes were already stained with blood and they were already sticking to the corpse," Rodaje argued.
Huh? The NBI does not keep blood-stained clothes because they are sticky and smelly? I bet any of the victims' relatives would gladly lend the NBI their refrigerators if it would help catch/punish their kins' killers. This is so outrageously boneheaded... just imagine the implication of this--a killer could get away with murder because the government is too cheap to provide cooling units for our main crime lab. Ugh!


Anonymous,  22:35  

Nothing shocks me anymore. Let's just make sure we don't get murdered na lang. NBI sucks!

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