Sunday, June 6

About Miley Cyrus' kiss stunt...

not cool
"Hannah Montana is gross!", spat my horrified 9-year-old goddaughter and avid "Hannah Montana" fan Lizzie after watching Miley Cyrus' performance of her new single on "Britain's Got Talent". Lizzie could not yet separate Miley from Hannah so her shock was understandable.

Stunts like this fake lesbian kiss has become a rite of passage for child stars (hello, Britney and Christina) trying to make the leap into adulthood. I happen to think Miley Cyrus is talented enough that she doesn't need to do this...

I know she's growing up and is eager to leave her wholesome G-rated Hannah Montana character behind but I hope she doesn't go too far too fast. No matter how "edgy" she wants her new grown-up image to be--fact is, she still has impressionable little fans who get confused and weirded out by simulated girl-on-girl action from their favorite Disney Channel star.


Missy,  21:16  

Look and act like a tart to be seen as an adult, how predictable. Too bad there are kids who look up to her...

Jane 02:10  

I hope she doesn't end up like Britney.

Anonymous,  17:32  

Too bad Miley's growing up to be such a nasty attention-seeker.

Em 21:24  

well, she's still a Disney talent right?!so she should and her handlers be more cautious next time, if they want a more edgy Miley then they should stop selling/showing Hannah Montana stuff/videos.

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