Wednesday, June 9

Noynoy Aquino is President, now what?

goodluck, Noynoy!
Noynoy Aquino is officially our President-Elect. I voted for him and I'm gratified he won. Many people scoffed at his perceived lack of accomplishments as a legislator because he didn't have laws galore he sponsored or named after himself but thankfully, voters cared more that he's untainted by corruption. I know the next 6 years will be full of challenges, but I believe he's up to the job.

I think we have enough laws already, if the  government only have the intestinal fortitude to implement the laws passed by Congress, our country will be a much better place. What we need is a leader with integrity who'd make sure to put the right people in place to help him get things done.

I was watching the news last night and there was this guy hoping that Noynoy would put food on his family's table, sent his kids to school etc. I mean, seriously? I hope this guy is in the minority... at least someone should set him straight and tell him that it is his  responsibility to make sure his family has enough to eat. It is not the President's job or anyone else's. Whatever happened to taking responsibility? Sheesh.

I've never believed politicians' outlandish campaign promises because I believe more in the capacity of the individual to make decisions for their betterment. Government has its place in our lives but it shouldn't be too intrusive--burying us in red tape, too much taxes and unnecessary regulations.

What President Noynoy owes us is transparent and accountable government, one that is on our side... he'll face enough problems caused by his predecessor's profligacy without us expecting the moon and the stars. I wish him the best and I hope for our nation's sake, he succeeds.


Bing,  22:24  

Let's hope for the best. At sana ang ang Pilipino ay magsipag din, di kaya i provide ng gobyerno ang lahat.

Jane 00:43  

Goodluck to Noynoy and to us too.

Missy,  17:52  

He has to tackle huge defecits left by Gloria. Sana nga he has enough strength to find solutions to the problems in our government.

Em 21:21  

Goodluck to Noynoy ;) that's all I can say right now. I mean if I rant or say bad stuff, it's still not gonna change the fact that Noy is the new President-elect of the Republic of the Philippines, sooo Goodluck Noy!

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