Friday, June 18

Taal volcano and a clueless reporter

This story about Global News Network (GNN) reporter Joshua Garcia's rescue from Taal Volcano's crater caught my eye, not because it was unusual, but because he seemed clueless.

He's not even sorry he made a spectacle of himself by foolishly ignoring warnings from the authorities that it was too dangerous to descend into the crater of the likely-to-erupt volcano.

Watching his interview on TV, I wanted to wipe the smirk off his face. Causing rescuers to put their safety on the line for a thrill, a scoop or whatever is selfish. I hope Joshua "wala akong pinagsisisihan" Garcia realizes this.


Missy,  04:36  

Pareho ang tingin natin sa reporter na to. Gumastos pa ang gobyerno para puntahan at ma rescue sya dahil sa tigas ng ulo nya.

Em 10:38  

ohh this is what happens to attention-seeker people

Anonymous,  18:19  

Ag yabang naman ng reporter na ito. Feeling daredevil, takot naman. Buti na lang may pulis at Coast guard.

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