Wednesday, June 16

Jesse Robredo for DILG secretary?

DILG or bust
Now this is great. President-elect Aquino apparently is keen on appointing Mayor Jesse Robredo of Naga City to his cabinet. I hope Noynoy gives the DILG post to him. I've been impressed with how Mayor Robredo turned Naga from a sleepy little city to a bustling, business-friendly one.

He was mayor when I went to school there in the mid-90's and I never heard anything bad said about him... of course I cared more about the shopping malls opening right and left around the city then, but I remember he was perceived to be an honest and no-nonsense executive. Come to think of it, he's like Binay without the corruption scandals.

Update: Mayor Robredo is ready to accept DILG post.
Update 2: P-Noy takes DILG post for now. Robredo still in the running. 
Update 3: Success! He's finally appointed DILG Secretary. "Might as well be president". For empowerment of local governments.

Bicol pride! I'm dancing a jig right now for my fellow Bicolano and DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo and also for Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, who's from my hometown Iriga... Go Bicol!!! :)

I found this Storyline feature about Mayor Robredo on YouTube uploaded by pacardz (thanks, dude!) :)



Hiro,  12:16  

Jesse Robredo is a good guy... he'll make a difference wherever he ends up.

Lynn 17:33  

@Hiro I completely agree with you. :)

Magayon,  20:09  

Go Mayor Jesse. Go Bicol! hehe

Jane 20:25  

I've heard lots of good things about Jesse Robredo too and Lynn, I know you're from Bicol so you must know who's corrupt or not over there. :)

Liza 21:52  

Ok. I'll take your word for it... Team Robredo for DILG! Sorry Mayor Binay, VP ka naman na eh.

Lynn 04:23  

@Magayon kalahi gayod :)

@Jane Ganun ba yun? Ok, thanks. :o

@Liza Di ba nag Noy-Bi ka? hmm... hehe

Anonymous,  21:07  

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