Tuesday, June 15

Should Binay have a place in Noynoy Aquino's cabinet?

yellow worked for him...
It's good that Vice President-elect Jejomar Binay has quit insisting on having the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) post for himself, as if he has a natural right to it. I don't even think he should have a place in the Aquino cabinet at all.

Prof. Winnie Monsod is right, there's just too many graft cases filed against Binay to inspire confidence in him. I hope President Noynoy would not appoint people in his administration who are tainted by corruption.

I respect the fact that Binay had been a loyal ally to the late President Cory Aquino, but his family's uninterrupted 24-year rule in Makati City makes me really uncomfortable. Just imagine, he's been in power here since I was in grade school! I wish him luck in his VP gig and all but I just don't trust the man.

Update: Binay changes mind, declines cabinet post. 


Wacks,  00:26  

Hell no, he shouldn't be appointed. He's arrogant and corrupt.

Jane 02:46  

I hope not, but he's close to the Aquinos so it's very likely he'd get something.

Anonymous,  15:32  

Akala kasi ng lahat di mananalo si Binay, kaya di nag focus ang tao sa corrupt past nya. Destiny nga naman!

Em 21:37  

I don't really know who Binay is :D I've been hearing a lot about him sure but idk hehe and accdng to this entry and from the comments above me, he's corrupt?!

Lynn 17:32  

@Wacks You're Makati born and bred, so I guess you know more about this.

@Jane That's what I think too.

@Anonymous Right.

@Em There's just too many charges against him and he got too wealthy while in office so that's where the "corrupt" impression come from.

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