Tuesday, June 22

Charice is joining the cast of Glee!

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Charice is confirmed to be on Glee next season. I'm a Gleek so this is pretty exciting. I'm so happy for Charice--she's come a long, long way from her impoverished, small-town amateur singing days.

I bet her fool of a father who abandoned her when she was young--he did not even want her to use the surname "Pempengco" professionally (never mind that she has a right to it by birth, what a heartless jerk!) so she opted to use just "Charice" instead to shut him up--is kicking himself right now.

All that Hollywood money coming in and he can't do anything but drool... tsk, tsk! He's an idiot for not realizing what a treasure he had in his daughter. If only he'd been a good father to Charice and her brother. Sayang 'no? Success truly is the best revenge especially in this case.

Update: Charice's excellent rendition of "Lupang Hinirang" at the Aquino inauguration:

Update 2: Oh no. Botox at 18?

Update 3: Charice's estranged dad murdered.


Missy,  02:18  

He's not really a father, he's a sperm donor. This guy is a jerk!

Jane 03:23  

I can't believe a father would stoop so low to deny his legitimate child the use of his name. He's incredibly petty and is to be pitied.

Bing,  14:39  

Ang tindi naman ng tatay na yan, feeling alta sosyedad na ayaw ipagamit ang pangalan kuno... ngayon mamatay siya sa inggit! hehe

Em 14:34  

I am not a fan of Charice, but I still wanna congratulate her ;) with talent like that, who would say NO right?

what's with her father and not letting Charice use his last name?!

Liza 01:32  

Galing talaga ni Charice, good riddance to her father and his surname!

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