Thursday, June 24

Toy Story 3 was amazing!

utter perfection...
If you haven't watched Toy Story 3 yet, I suggest you get off your butt right now, go to the nearest mall and watch it. It was such an amazing treat to see the last installment of the computer-animated feature that started it all.

The first Toy Story made me a Pixar fangirl--that if there's a Pixar movie opening in cinemas, I'm one of the first in line to watch. And they have not disappointed me once... they know how to tell great stories (Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Up). Those Pixar guys are geniuses.

Watching Toy Story 3 just made me reconnect with Woody, Buzz, Jessie and Co. in a huge way. I laughed my head off, felt horror when they were in danger, and had to try really hard not to bawl at the end. Boy, I never knew saying goodbye to characters you cared about when you were young, could be so tough.

I've never been a crybaby to begin with, but the lump in my throat got so huge, it was embarrassing. Only the presence of my cousin Rose yelling at the screen when she thought Woody and the gang were goners, made me feel better about my uncharacteristic show of emotion. I realized I'm not alone in caring about these animated pieces of plastic (I noticed the crowd were yelling and emoting right along with us too).

So there we were--adults so incredibly sucked in by Pixar's technical and story-telling wizardry--trying to be strong and brave, LOL. It was a fitting send-off, with laughter and sadness in equal measure. Couldn't have wished for a better ending. Now, go watch it to see for yourself.


Bing,  19:05  

Naku, sige panoorin ko to this weekend with the bf.

Jane 23:39  

Nahiya ka pa pala... I cried like a baby at the end, di ko napigilan haha. One of the best movies ever!

Liza 22:33  

Same here. Sad to see Andy go to college but happy Woody and friends found a new home. Hanep ba sa spoiler? ;)

Anonymous,  22:55  

Have to take the grand kids to see it, should be a of fun.

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