Friday, January 8

@ "The Dollhouse" Radio Show

The Dollhouse's Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera

My friend Lorna from California was invited to appear on the Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera radio show "The Dollhouse" on U92 FM. I have not listened to radio for years so I was not aware of the show but I know of Sarah Meier's work as an MTV VJ and model.

Lo during commercial break

It was fascinating to see the inner workings of this radio show. Meeting Sarah and Vicky was a real treat... and they are truly funny. We were inside the radio booth the whole time and we could not keep ourselves from cracking up especially when the mic was left on by mistake when the commercials were supposed to be playing.

choosing the winners of the Ne-Yo concert tickets

The topic was about going home to the "motherland" and reconnecting with your roots. We had another treat when one of the show's loyal listeners and Ne-Yo concert ticket winner Hannah Mae Aldeza showed up... she was born completely blind but she had never let that stop her(I'll post more on her later).

Vicky, Sarah, Hannah Mae and her companion, me, Lorna & Mom

I went home completely impressed with how smart, witty and spontaneous these women are (it does not hurt that they are very nice too) that I have just become a fan and will be listening to their show Monday-Friday at 5-7pm. You should check them out too.

Update: from Vicky Herrera's Facebook page--NEWSFLASH: THE DOLLHOUSE NOW COMING TO YOU LIVE & DIRECT 6-10AM MANILA TIME. via @sarah_meier


Jane,  04:39  

Wow, I listen to them when I have time. Btw, there's a couple of x-rated anonymous comments on your The Simpsons post.

Lynn 17:30  

Thanks for pointing it out Jane...started to moderate comments because of that. I don't know how these spammers live with themselves...jerks!

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