Thursday, February 4

Drooling over the Apple iPad

I've been drooling over the Amazon Kindle 2 for months and was planning on getting one last Christmas... my blog friend Marty told me that the Barnes & Noble "Nook" seems better due to its colored screen. It got me thinking that I might just as well wait for Amazon to release a Kindle with the same features because the Nook is not available for shipping in the Philippines.

I bought the 64 gig iPod touch to tide me over 'til then and it's been amazing so far... it's sleekly designed and very user-friendly. It's such a great gadget I think I'm well on my way to becoming an Apple geek because of this. If I could find an MS Office application so I could type my reports on it--I'd be in hog heaven...

But wait, Apple just released their iPad tablet computer and it looks really good. Now I'm thinking I should have bought the 32 gig iPod touch instead since I won't be needing so much memory once I get the iPad. There's still a few months to go before it gets here and I might change my mind yet but I'd love to have one.

It's like the Kindle on steroids! The iPad has this iBooks application and I could buy books at the Apple store and read them on the go. It doesn't make sense to me now to buy the Kindle--which just functions as an ebook reader, when I could have the iPad which does just about everything netbooks can do. At least that's what the early iPad reviews say.

Update: Demand For iPads Exploding: Apple Could Sell 8-10 Million This Year, Suppliers Predict .
             Apple IPad a ‘Winner,’ ‘Game Changer,’ Reviewers Say


Liza,  17:42  

I want this too, magkano na kaya yan pag dating dito?

jerry 18:02  

There are many more players in the tablet game than just Apple and ipad. Check out 15 others here:

Bruce Princeton 22:04  

My initial reaction when I saw the Apple iPad was confusion. What functionality does this device offer over and above the Apple iPhone? And what market is Apple aiming this device at?

Lynn 17:12  

Liza*** mas mahal sigurado coz of the taxes

Jerry*** thanks for the link!

Bruce P*** Those are valid questions. I wish there's a camera too but at least Apple made it to be more than an ebook reader.

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