Friday, May 14

About Kris Aquino's despedida

effective ang bru...
 You have to hand it to Kris Aquino, everything she says get blown out of  proportion. Kris had said in an interview a few weeks ago that she was willing to move abroad if she would just be a cause of stress for her brother if he's elected... and since Noynoy is expected to be proclaimed president any day now, some people are having online despedida parties to hurry her along.

Having fun at Kris' expense has become a national past time... I think many will have withdrawal symptoms if there's no more Kris Aquino to laugh at or cry with. She's a guilty pleasure, one blogger even said his traffic will surely suffer if there's no Kris controversy to write about every few weeks... her life is pure entertainment.

So to all those who want Kris Aquino to leave the country, you're in the minority. Mas maraming malulungkot kung umiskyerda nga si Kris 'no? Love her or hate her, she's undeniably a very effective campaigner and endorser, ma-appeal talaga sa masa ang lola. She certainly knows how to get and keep our attention... and now that her brother's on his way to Malacañang, expect more fireworks!

Update: "Bakit ako papatol sa mga talunan na bitter ngayon?" LOL.
               Noynoy Aquino reacts. 

Update 2: Kris to leave "The Buzz" and "SNN". Permanently?
Update 3: Nice Inquirer interview with Kris post-election. 


Em 22:32  

go Kris! bite them all! haha When I seriously read about this, I was like "no, she can't be serious?or is she?why the eff is she leaving the country if her brother becomes the Pres.?" then.... I've read the whole story, then I just LOL. Kris is yes, admittedly annoying most of the times, but Kris is Kris, everyone still listen to whatever she has to say, everyone is still curious about her fashion style of the day/week.

Phil TV won't be the same if we don't see Kris Aquino being "taklesa" and "maarte".

Bing,  23:07  

Mga bitter lang talaga yang mga yan kasi di nanalo manok nila. Iba talaga ang dating sa tao ni Kris, malungkot at boring na talaga ang Pinas pag umalis sya.

Lynn 23:45  

@Em Yes, her frank and maarte ways make people root for her... ewan ko ba.

@Bing hehe, right.

Anonymous,  15:19  

Life would be dull without her, habulin ng controversy ang loka at pano na lang ang mga manggagamit dyan kung wala na si Kris e di hindi na sila makaka ride sa popularity nya?

C 22:46  

It's funny how people like to sit around and talk about other people...

I was enjoying watching PBB until last night when I realized that all these kids in the Villa house are so nice and kind to other people's faces, then turn around and twist everything they say and talk bad about them.... I seriously am not going to watch PBB anymore.... they're so young, and they're already two-faced???

Anyway....people only talk about people they envy. Well, Kris Aquino has everything.... why wouldn't everyone be talking about her.... they probably wish the worst, in disillusioned hopes that if she disappears, they can take over her life.... whatever....

renin 02:08  

Is it be possible to appoint Kris as presidential spokesperson (and use her comm skills) or is it nepotism?

Lynn 03:19  

@renin I don't think so... Noynoy has already promised he wouldn't appoint any relatives to government positions. :(

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