Monday, May 31

Playing hooky in Caliraya

...and roll in the mud
I've been receiving emails from several loyal readers wondering (am I sick, dead? LOL) why I haven't been posting here. Sorry about that. I should have told you guys I'd be "going dark" for a few days because my cousin Chenit is in town for a short visit and my ate Bhe planned this elaborate travel/entertainment thingy so we could rediscover our cousinly bond and yuck it up.

Sliding and rolling in the mud...that's just one of our bond-rebuilding activities. I'm sharing these pictures as "proof" that--although my butt is still sore and my feet are killing me--I'm still very much alive and kicking. I'll try to write a more detailed post on my weekend in Caliraya but I think I need to take a pain reliever first and have a massage.


Em 22:03  

yeah I was wondering too, where the heck are you?then it came to me maybe you're on vacation? well, looked like I was right :D

have a good rest and "see" you when you get back :D

Missy,  01:12  

Buti naman nagparamdam ka na, tatawag na sana ko ng pulis hehe. Maganda nga daw sa Caliraya, inggit naman ako.

Liza 02:40  

Oh that's why you've been 'out of coverage' for days. Nasa gimikan ka pala. Good for you...

Bing,  18:28  

Kaya pala wala kang imik for almost a week, nakakapanibago. Kaya hinunting ka tuloy ng mga nakikibasa dito katulad ko hehe

C 19:32  


I shall never think that you are sic, or dead, Dear Lynn.... :) :) :)


Rinka 22:47  

Pics r Nice :D

Rinka 22:47  

Hey .... ALL THE BEST , dear.
Get well sonn and get back...hug :)

Lynn 02:57  

Thanks so much for caring guys (yeah even the morbid emails were cute) :)

Pepe444 11:46  

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