Wednesday, May 26

Come on, rain already!

yay, rain!
When I looked out my window this morning, I wanted to dance with happiness at the promise of rain that usually follow the appearance of clouds like that (dark, creepy etc.) I was pretty excited because I'd truly like an end to the infernal heat I and countless other Pinoys have been subjected to this summer... and honestly, I'm not too crazy about my Meralco bill either which is now 3x what I usually pay.

So like a little kid, I waited and waited for the rain to fall. I even seriously thought about standing on the porch to shower in the rain... I was that giddy, but alas, it was not to be. An hour later this was how it looked like outside.
Good thing I held out on the dancing, I would have felt more disappointed (and foolish) if I did my rain dance and this happened. Oh well, I have to turn the aircon on now.


Bing,  19:53  

I feel you sis, gustung gusto ko na ring umulan hehe (or is it jeje?)

Lynn 20:15  

haha, jejemon ka na ba? :)

Jane 17:10  

I know and my meralco bill is crazy too. Problem is I don't like the rainy season din, traffic!

Em 19:07  

@ the first picture I was like "what is this?!" and I was actually tilting my head trying to figure out what the picture was all about.. good thing I read the first line right away after giving up and almost trying to turn my laptop upside down to deal with the picture haha it was your blinds right?! lol!

anyways, I hope you'll get the rain SOON!

Lynn 20:28  

@Jane At this point I'd prefer rain to this heat.

@Em Oh no, no blinds. That's really the clouds. It was creepily black, like the world was ending or something. :o

renin 02:12  

Its been raining in Calamba and Tanauan (but for short period of time only). I'm looking forward for more rain, sobrang init na kasi.

Lynn 15:38  

@renin It rained here last night, at last! Hay nakakatuwa... :)

Rinka 00:15  

Nice feelinG!
I luv rain and heavy downpour, too ....

Missy,  19:24  

You haven't posted for 6 days. Where are you? I'm getting worried. :)

C 19:33  

me too! me too! me tooooo!!!!! i am so happy about the rain over manila!!!!!! :) :) :)

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