Monday, May 17

Little girls and "Single Ladies"

The girls in this video are exceptionally talented dancers but I don't think 8 and 9-year-olds should bump and grind like this; furthermore, something's really wrong if your little girl is dressed more sexily than Beyonce.

I don't understand how the parents didn't see the inappropriateness of this and would excuse it as being "taken out of context". I mean your kid is gyrating like a stripper for all the world to see and you think it's "very normal"? Nuts!


Em 07:21  

well if it's not meant to be viewed publicly why did they let their kids perform in the WORLD OF DANCE competition in the first place?!

there's a place for kids competition and for adults. Ok, swimsuit is not the issue here, it's their bumping and grinding. It feels like to me they are calling the perverts out there, whether it's unintentional they are preying their kids to perverts.

Lynn 16:24  

Yeah, it's just weird to see girls this young be exploited and their parents are okay with it.

Jane 17:25  

Wow, the parents are indeed nuts. The sexualization of these innocent little girls is sad to behold.

Liza 18:07  

Grabe ang mga parents ng mga batang ito, parang nagulat pa na mostly negative ang mga reaksyon ng mga tao sa kanila. Pagilingin ba na parang taga night club ang mga anak nila. tsk,tsk!

Lynn 19:13  

@Jane right.
@Liza Oo nga e, pano pa kaya pag nagdalaga na ang mga batang ito.

C 22:41  

I seriously look forward to visiting your blog.

I find out all the latest news from your blog, and if I already know it (like this case in particular, I already knew about prior to visiting here today) I STILL like to read what you have written, because, your opinions and my opinions on everything always match!!!!! I love to read my opinions being posted, through you, and I love to comment and agree!!!!

Well, needless to say, I agree with you on this.... :)

Lynn 03:16  

Gee, thanks C. (blush) :)

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